Txakoli EUKENI

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Price per box/multipack of 6 bottles

Production Area: D.O. Arabako Txakolina
Wine Type: White wine
Crianza: Joven
Grapes: 100% Hondarrabi Zuri.

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Txakoli Eukeni

This txakoli with the name “Eukeni” is in memory of the work carried out by Eugenio Alava in order to recover the txakolinera tradition in the Aiala region. Eugenio was the precursor of the current D.O. “Arabako Txakolina-Txakoli de Alava”. Through this small tribute, his children and nephews try to ensure that his legacy remains alive and can be transmitted to future generations.

The Artimaña winery launched its first batch of Txakoli Eukeni made with a selection of the best quality grapes from the native variety “Hondarrabi Zuri”: a white txakoli with a marked fresh, bright and fruity varietal character and an alcohol content of around 12º, which It retains light carbon notes typical of fermentation. The incorporation of cryomaceration in the production process significantly intensifies the aromas that burst forth impetuously upon corkage.

They cold macerate the entire harvest to extract the best of the varieties. Two months of work on the lees guarantee the durability of a traditional txakoli made with the purpose of ensuring that the legacy Eugenio left lasts over time. This is how they make “Eukeni”, a tribute txakoli.

Intense aromas typical of the native Hondarrabi Zuri variety, white fruits reminiscent of peach and apple, with certain floral nuances. Fresh, balanced and with a unique touch of ripe citrus fruit. It contains a carbon tip that makes it cheerful and youthful, with a soft and light palate. Ideal for a summer dinner on the terrace. Presence of organoleptic notes provided by the Gros Manseng and Petit Courbu varieties, which result in a fresh, bright and fruity txakoli. The incorporation of cryomaceration in the production process, the work with lees and the batonage with natural CO2 from the fermentation significantly intensify the aromas, which burst forth impetuously upon corkage.

Due to its freshness and acidity, it is especially recommended to accompany fish, shellfish and white meats, although it is also an excellent alternative to enjoy alone, as an aperitif. In any case, the temperature at which it must be served should not exceed 5-7 degrees. It is recommended to keep it cool in an ice bucket during tasting.

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