Txakoli ZABALA

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Production area: D.O. Biscay Txakolina
Type of wine: white
Crianza: Young
Type of grape: 100% Hondarrabi Zuri

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Txakoli Zabala

The winery is newly built, very well thought out, and contains stainless steel tanks with a capacity for 14,000 liters of white, rosé and red txakoli, as well as another 5,000 liters for Gaztelugatxe txakoli.

As it is a family winery, the production of txakoli is more personalized and careful, that is to say, more artisanal, since, on the one hand, the maturation times of each grape variety are controlled separately in the vineyards, in order to then select the proportions with which the different varieties are going to be mixed in order to carry out different types of fermentation with each mixture, which results in one or another txakoli, each with its specific coupage and aromas.

The Txakoli Zabala winery is surrounded by 3 hectares of vineyards planted on gentle slopes facing south, and is located in a beautiful landscape made up of gentle hills with well-drained clay soil.

Here we grow Hondarrabi Zuri, Riesling and Hondarrabi Beltza grapes. A second area of ​​Hondarribi Beltza vineyards -more than 100 years old- is located around the old Basigo farmhouse winery.

Txakoli made mainly with grapes of the autochthonous Hondarrabi Zuri variety. Grape produced in Bakio, an area with a microclimate that is particularly suitable for its cultivation, hence the municipality’s txakolinera tradition. The vineyards are located in an area of ​​gentle slopes facing south and integrated production techniques are used for their care, for better management and respect for the environment.
For optimal production, the grapes are harvested at the best point of ripeness from the different plots and the batches are fermented separately, using different techniques. In this way, and by controlling the fermentation temperature, we achieve a wide variety of txakolís that give the final product more complexity and aromas.

Txakoli Zabala is pale yellow, bright and clean. On the nose it presents aromas of cut grass and white flowers. On the palate it leaves herbaceous and citric notes, fresh and soft.


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Weight 7,5 kg

Denominación de Origen

D.O. Bizkaiako Txakolina


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