Txakoli REZABAL Rose

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Price per box/multipack of 6 bottles

Winery: Bodegas Rezabal
Production Area: D.O. Getariako Txakolina
Wine Type: Rosado
Grapes: Hondarrabi Zuri y Hondarrabi Beltza


Txakoli REZABAL Rosé

Txakolí Rezabal Rosé is made with the native Hondarrabi Beltza grape variety, harvested manually. Performing a 6-hour soft skin maceration to extract the aromas and color without losing the traditional characteristics of Txakoli. Controlled fermentation at low temperatures 18oC on its own lees.

Bright pink colorway. Fresh flavor on the nose, with notes of wild strawberries. Silky and captivating on the palate with a lively nerve and a well balanced body. Serve at 8-10ºC.

The Txakolí Rezabal winery located in Zarautz and belonging to the “Getariako Txakolina” designation of origin, has the most advanced technology, using the most traditional methods. In short, the centuries-old tradition preserves the characteristics of the product, and technology is put at the service of quality, in order to extract its maximum richness from some privileged grapes that have survived through time.
Before her grandparents, then her parents, and now her children, it is a beautiful inheritance that requires not only dedication but also affection and affection. The aitona (grandfather) can be calm because he knows that new pruning will come back, new vines will be planted, the bunches will be collected again and the musts will continue to flow.

The configuration of the floor, structure and composition, will mark the support and will give you the first notes of your personality. The lands on which the vineyard sits are sandstones and appear in strata with other clayey ones, constituting configurations called flich facies whose formation took place in the Tertiary era. They form very compact soils that retain moisture, which is why slopes are sought and chosen so that water stagnations do not occur that drown the roots.

The second factor that intervenes is the existing micro-climate that is characterized by its mild climate, absence of frost and abundant rainfall. All this conditions the search for slopes oriented to the rising sun, seeking at the same time to collect maximum sun and protection from the cold winds from the west and northwest. The proximity of the sea with its winds and the mildness of its climate achieve the ideal setting. In this physical framework the base of the Txakolí is inserted, which is the strain, the vine.

The plantation systems are both trellised and tall trellis of approximately 1.80 meters and this is the way that ensures that there is more insolation and that the fruit hangs and is ventilated. The support structure is based on wooden stakes and guide wires that form an awning that covers the vine and towards which its arms are guided.

In winter the vine remains at rest and the sap barely circulates through its arms; The moment chosen to carry out the pruning, a delicate operation that will test the skill and wisdom of the pruner, since the characteristics of the fruit that are obtained will depend on it, its extension and orientation. Towards March, the first buds appear. By May, flowering begins. The vine self-fertilizes and gives rise to small clusters that at the end of spring mark the explosion of greenery that gradually covers the space and creates a green blanket that covers the vines and that together with the blue of the sea make up the spectacle of the vineyard. .

The harvest takes place from the beginning of October and lasts approximately ten to fifteen days. All the effort of a year is in sight ready for collection. The grape pickers head towards 4:00 p.m. of the property with elongated scissors and under the vines the hanging bunches are cut and little by little, the baskets are filled which, in turn, are loaded on the tractors. The harvest develops from the sunniest and most mature areas to others whose maturation has been later. The cycle has ended and another begins, whereby the winemaker Ander Rezabal receives the harvest in his hands.

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