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Price per box/multipack of 3 bottles

Production Area: D.O. Bizkaiko Txakolina
Wine Type:
 White wine fermented in French oak barrel (85%) and stoneware amphora (15%)
Grapes: 80% Hondarrabi Zerratia (Petit Courbú), 20% Izkiriota Txikia (Petit Manseng)
Vineyard: 0,8 Has en el “Paraje de los Atravesados”, Castillo de La Piedra, Balmaseda, Bizkaia



Txakoli Rebel Rebel

Txakoli Rebel Rebel 2017 is the first vintage of a new path that begins. It does not come just because. It responds to years of crisis and ruptures, to reflections on where we take our wines and our lives; for a viticulturist I understand that everything goes together. Also to another conception of viticulture and production methods in which “inevitably” we have been plunging.

Soil with a loamy-sandy texture, shallow, with very low fertility. Subsoil of “cayuela” and sandstones. Herbicide-free since its plantation, as of 2017 it went under biodynamic management with very low doses of copper and sulfur supplemented with essential oils, horsetail and nettle decoctions.

Manual harvest, direct pressing of whole grapes without crushing or destemming. The must was statically purged without sulphiting, to start fermentation spontaneously with its indigenous yeast in used 85% French oak barrels and 15% stoneware amphora. After more than 8 months of alcoholic fermentation overlapped with partial malolactic, it went from barrel to open stainless steel where it continued its oxidative development. The Txakoli Rebel Rebel racking has been by gravity and it has not been clarified, stabilized or filtered.

“I have tried to let LIFE pass in the vineyard, in the must and in the wine, so that it finds its balance by itself. I have fellow travelers whom I thank for their invaluable help: Guillermo, Imanol and Denes are also part of it and I hope they continue to be. Biodynamics I do not embrace like a totem, I understand it as a vehicle that allows me to intimately join the vineyard, for good and for bad. Working on it is my best therapy, she knows my best joys and anxieties, my hopes and fears, it appeases and transforms them. The rebellion of this wine is not pretentious or rebellious, I conceive it as a simple question that things can be in a thousand and one ways, and this is one of them. The next vintage will be from another, it will be what it has to be. It is an innocent rebellion, even a fledgling, the same that children feel before traditions, norms and culture, when all they want is to discover the world by their means. The girl on the swing looks at us, asks us to keep pushing her and help her reach higher. She wants to feel vertigo and to experience herself in situations that attract her even though she doesn’t dominate. This rebellion and no other is what I intend to evoke.

Txakoli Rebel Rebel wants to speak for himself and express his LIFE, his soil, transformations and evolution that have led him to be what he is … as is. “

Gora Bihotzak !!!

Alfredo Egia


Additional information

Weight 3,75 kg
Denominación de Origen

D.O. Bizkaiako Txakolina



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