Txakoli OLATU

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Production area: D.O. Getariako Txakolina
Wine type: White wine
Crianza: Young
Grapes: Hondarrabi Zuri 100%

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Txakoli Olatu

The Olatu txakoli with the Getariako Txakolina designation of origin is made from the native Hondarrabi Zuri grape. The vineyards where the grapes are grown to make txakoli cover an area of ​​15.7 hectares. The cultivation is carried out in a traditional way, taking care of the development of the grape and in a sustainable way. In addition, they are oriented to the Cantabrian Sea and bathed by its breeze.

Txakoli Olatu is a brand that is produced at Bodega Akarregi Txiki, a family winery that has passionately cultivated these lands of vines for more than 45 years. Tradition and cutting-edge oenological techniques are combined to produce 150,000 liters of Olatu txakoli.

A wine with its own personality, full of aromas, flavors and sensations. Very personal and differentiated wine, which is served fresh and broken in the glass when served, so that the carbon dioxide obtained in its preparation is released.

This txakoli is made following the most traditional methods under strict and rigorous control. Thanks to advances in the field of wine technology, remarkable achievements have been made in the fermentation process, thus obtaining a product of extraordinary quality.

When it is poured into a glass, the carbon dioxide that the txakoli contains is broken. This makes for an attractive tasting note, producing a riot of radiant light, fused with the characteristic yellow hues. All this din of colors flood us, together with the peculiar and attractive fragrance that it presents, to finish with a fruity finish.

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