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Production Area: D.O. Bizkaia Txakolina
Wine type: White
Crianza: Young over lees
Grapes: 100% Hondarrabi Zuri

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Txakoli Merrutxu

The Merrutxu Winery was founded in 1990 planting vineyards of the indigenous varieties Hondarrabi Zuri and Mune mahatsa .. In 2003 they moved to Ibarrangelu, in the Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve, where they made a new plantation under the protection of an old hamlet. The Merrutxu Winery and the agritourism of the same name were born from its restoration and profound reform.

The location of the winery brings together all the qualities to produce high quality grapes, essential for the elaboration of a good txakoli. On a small, sunny hill, a short distance from the sea, facing south and with a slight slope. They are sustained in moderately deep soils, where the roots branch out and make their way through a first host of organic matter, to embrace the “arbela” in a few years, which will give the grape a distinctive peculiarity. They are sheltered by a gently sloping countryside, facing the midday sun and where they are caressed by the sea breeze, just emerged from the “kresala” made between Punta Ermintxo and Ogoño, and which protects the vineyards, making an uncomfortable place for that the environmental humidity that our Atlantic climate causes settles. This neighborhood with the sea, also offers the vineyards privileges so that their maturation takes place slowly, without abruptness, providing them with mild temperatures.

The varieties that cohabit each contribute the tribute of their idiosyncrasy. The leading role is held by Ondarrabi Zuri, its majority presence non-negotiable, eternally linked to the innate characteristics of txakoli. In small proportions, Munemahats is an autochthonous variety, generous like no other, granting the weeping of its bunches and providing its citrus sparkles: and it is complemented by two varieties that perfectly adapt to the character of our wine, Riesling and Chardonnay. These varieties, “cousins” among them, express extremely well the soil in which they grow and the place where they are found.

The conjunction and interaction between the described singularities converge and permeate the wine, giving it its magical expressiveness as if it were an inheritance.

Txakoli Merrutxu is the result of an author’s elaboration, determined by several factors: artisanal methods, means and technology necessary to obtain high-end wines, and the exclusive use of grapes that come from our vineyards, guaranteeing FOOD TRACEABILITY in the itinerary “FROM STRAIN TO BOTTLE” and seeking respect for the Environment and “Zero Waste” during all processes.

Greenish straw yellow, clean, bright. On the nose, frank, of medium intensity with a marked varietal character, highlighting the ripe white fruit such as pear over a balsamic touch of fine aromatic herbs such as aniseed. Wide, structured and tasty. Its passage in the mouth is pleasant and fresh due to its slight acidity, reappearing the varietal aromas of the nose. Persistent and long-lasting aftertaste.

It is ideal for soups, pasta, vegetables, eggs, fish and shellfish

Suitable serving temperature: 8ºC.

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