Txakoli MARKO Pack 3 bot.

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1 botella Txakoli Marko Gure Arbasoak barrica.
1 botella Txakoli Marko joven sobre lías.
1 botella Txakoli Marko Late Harvest (dulce).

Production Area: D.O. Bizkaiko Txakolina
Wine Type: Blanco Txakoli
Crianza: Over lees, Oak barrel and Late harvest.
Variedad de Uva empleada: Hondarribi blanca Zerratia,  Hondarribi blanca e Izkiota pequeña.



MARKO Pack 3 bot.

MARKO Gure Arbasoak

MARKO Gure Arbasoak shows the full potential of regional grapes when they are harvested later and vinified like a still wine. The result is a more serious and mature style txakoli.

The vineyards are located in the Bizkaino town of Kortezubi, a small and old enclave of the Urdaibai reserve, known for its prehistoric caves, declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco. The terrain of the vineyard is calcareous clay.

The fermentation of Marko Gure Arbasoak 2016 is spontaneous with indigenous yeasts, without filtering or clarifying. The wine spends ten months in contact with the fine lees (barrel and tank), using the bâtonnage technique, which gives it a special character.

Very fresh wine on the palate, dominated by aromas of green apple, citrus and herbaceous notes (fennel and bay leaf). The time spent on its lees ensures that the wine ends with an enveloping smoothness.

What keeps his name
The Basques have great respect for nature, as well as for the homes in which they live. They even give them names. Marko is the name of the Oxer family home, surrounded by the vineyard used to make this wine. MARKO Gure Arbasoak txakoli is a tribute to the Bastegieta family home.

Varieties: 40% Hondarribi Zuri Zerratia, 30% Hondarribi Zuri, 20% Izkiota Txikia.
Marko Gure Arbasoak 2019 production: 12,000 bottles.

Txakoli MARKO Young

The Txakoli Marko is made in Kortezubi, a town near Gernika, it was released for the first time in 1999. At that time they had 1.5 hectares, currently having 5 hectares divided into 8 plots with very different characteristics between them, on the hillside and all of them in Kortezubi. 14 years have passed, in which while the vineyard became older, the wine was exceeded every year, reaching the last two years at a level that will be difficult to overcome.

Txakoli MARKO is aged on lees for three to four months, a technique that gives this wine a structured, voluminous mouth, even losing a bit of aroma on the nose. A wine that will have a life span of several years, in which it will gain complexity each year.The Txakoli MARKO was made to show the potential of the region’s grapes when they are picked later than usual, giving a result of a txakoli with a more mature and serious style. The vineyard is worked organically. The grapes are harvested manually and with a lower yield than authorized, due to a rigorous selection of grapes that is carried out. Grape varieties: Hondarribi zuri 40% and Ondarribi zerratie (Petit Courbu) 60%.

The vineyards are located in Kortezubi, a small town in Biscay close to the coast, famous for its prehistoric caves, a Unesco heritage. Clay-calcareous vineyard soil.

Spontaneous fermentation in stainless steel tanks with its own yeasts. The wine remains in contact with its lees for 3 months with periodic bâtonnages that provide greater character.

Fresh and fruity nose in which green apple, pear, grapefruit and orange blossom predominate. On the palate the unctuousness of the lees work is noted with a mineral finish of good length.

The Basques have great respect for nature and for the hamlet in which they live, to which they give their name. Marko is the name of the Oxer family farmhouse, which is surrounded by the vineyard used for this wine.

Marko 2015: 90 points James Suckling 2016
Marko 2016: 91 points Peñin Guide 2019

Txakoli Marko Late Harvest

Txakoli MARKO LATE HARVEST is one of the few late harvest wines made in the area. With its ability to concentrate sugar while maintaining its high acidity, Izkiota Txikia is the perfect variety for a very high quality, sweet aroma wine.

The vineyards are located in the town of Kortezubi, a small and ancient enclave of Bizkaia, known for its prehistoric caves, declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco. The terrain of the vineyard is calcareous clay.

Fermentation occurs spontaneously when the whole grape is pressed. The grapes ferment in 350 barrels and remain on their lees for 4 to 5 months.

It is a very complex wine, with an intense flavor of quince, ripe peach and orange peel. In the mouth it is long. It is a wine to drink now or to keep for many years.

Marko Late Harvest 2015: 93 points – Peñin Guide 2019

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