Txakoli HIKA Rosé

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Production Area: D.O. Getariako Txakolina
Wine Type: Rosé
Crianza: Over lees
Grapes: 70% Hondarribi Beltza and 30% Hondarribi Zuri.

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Txakoli Hika Rosé

The HIKA vineyards are located in the heart of the Oria Valley, with views of Mount Ernio, they draw a dreamlike landscape. They have a total of 7 hectares of vineyards where different varieties of grapes are grown: Hondarrabia Zuria and Hondarrabia Beltza, the native grapes of the Basque Country, Chardonnay and lastly, the latest addition, the petite courbu.

HIKA Txakolina is a recently created winery, where all the passion and enthusiasm has been turned into the elaboration of an exclusive, modern and elegant txakoli, made to be enjoyed in good company. Built in 2016, it is a modern design building with a very careful aesthetic, integrated into the landscape and energy efficient and equipped with the best equipment such as the Inertys de Bucher press, and the Oresteo system, in order to produce high quality wines. quality.

The Hika Txakolis are the pure reflection of all our care and dedication, of our land and our climate. All the work, from the vineyard to the bottling, is aimed at achieving the highest quality standards, thus obtaining an exclusive, modern and elegant txakolí. Without a doubt, the authenticity of the Basque Country and the D.O. GetariakoTxakolina will be present at the time of tasting our wines.

The slightly acidic plots with a clay-loam texture were carefully selected. They are arranged on slopes, which helps us to have good drainage and aeration, thus favoring the good management of viticulture in the face of an Atlantic, humid and temperate climate with a rainfall of around 1200-1500mm per year.
A region with less luminosity due to clouds and condensation, the vineyard receives more insolation thanks to being in plots with a special orientation and conduction. The vineyard is trellised (something unusual in the appellation) seeking maximum sunshine to obtain better parameters of quality and ripening of the grapes,
In short, a sustainable viticulture that, without using herbicides, seeks a suitable microclimate to avoid the development of fungi and that together with the southwesterly winds that are generated in autumn favor a dry and warm climate, ideal conditions to achieve an ideal maturation , prior to the harvest.

The entire production flow of Hika txakoli is designed to avoid must / wine oxidation as much as possible from its entry into the winery and therefore preserve its aromatic potential to the maximum. Thanks to the carbon recovery system (oresteo system), all the wines in the winery are aged on their own lees using the carbon that has been generated during the alcoholic fermentation phase.

Currant pink, with intense aromas of cassis, wild strawberries and spices characteristic of the Hondarrabi beltza variety, and a citrus and herbaceous background. A fresh mid palate with well-balanced acidity, volume and smoothness. A long finish with a good aromatic persistence.

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