Txakoli ARIMA

78,00 (IVA/VAT incl.)

Price per box/multipack of 3 bottles

Zona de Producción: BD.O. Bizkaiko Txakolina
Tipo de Vino: Blanco dulce
Crianza: Barricas roble francés.
Variedad de uva: 100% Hondarrabi Zerratia

Glass Bottle of 0,5 Lt.


Txakoli ARIMA by Gorka Izagirre

Only in exceptional years does nature allow us to wait until November to harvest our most select Hondarrabi Zerratia strains. After fermenting and aging in French oak barrels and maturing in the bottle, that sweet must has become Arima, the pure essence of Bizkaia.

Sweet and fresh white wine fermented and aged in French oak barrels and matured in the bottle. Txakoli Arima is made from the most select strains of Hondarrabi Zerratia, it will be the perfect accompaniment to desserts, cheeses or foie.

Clean, bright, suggestive, with a magnificent fat expression that makes it dance in the glass without rushing and marking the course; bright golden yellow dress. Intense frank aromas well mixed. Very ripe fruit, caramelized with a background of sweet spice, cinnamon. On a second level memories of honey with citrus wrap and essences of narcissus and acacia flower. Silky and enveloping attack. Sweet, fruity and herbal sensation; spectacular acidity that guarantees a magnificent evolution for the future, fullness of candied fruit and honey.

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