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Production area: D.O. Bizkaiko Txakolina
Wine Type: White wine
Crianza: Young
Grapes: 80% Hondarrabi Zuri and 20% Folle Blanche


Txakoli Aretxaga

Bodegas Virgen de Lorea have spacious and modern facilities following a design that guarantees the most appropriate production process for obtaining txakolí.
The careful viticultural production and a careful production process that includes: destemming, cold maceration, settling, fermentation at controlled temperature, racking, stabilization, filtering and bottling, determine the obtaining of an excellent quality of the elaborated product. In her laboratory, sugars and acidities are controlled before the harvest, as well as the fundamental parameters of the txakolí must.
Since 1995 – the year in which the commercial activity began – when it had 4 hectares and 80,000 liters of txakoli were produced, the winery has been growing and evolving gradually as did its production methods and techniques. Already in 2004, it reached 15 hectares of its own and 9 more of associated winegrowers who are technically assisted, resulting in a production of 280,000 liters of broth.
The variety of grapes selected for the production of the txakolís are the Hondarribi Zuria and the Folle Blanche in a proportion of 80 percent and 20 percent respectively.

Made from press must. A fresh and full-bodied Txakoli, with a more traditional taste.

Straw yellow with greenish tones, clean and bright. Frank and powerful on the nose. The aromas of acidic fruits such as green apple and citrus dominate, which give it freshness. On the palate it is balanced but fresh due to its acidity, enhancing the aromas. Persistent aftertaste with fruit aromas reappearing.

It is ideal for soups and creams, cold cuts, eggs, vegetables, fish and seafood.

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