Txakoli ANA

168,00 (IVA/VAT incl.)

Price per box/multipack of 6 bottles

Production area: O.D. Bizkaiko Txakolina
Type of wine: semi-sweet white wine
Ageing: On its lees and barrel
Variety of grapes: 90% Hondarrabi zuri zerratia and 10% Gros Manseg


Txakoli ANA

Txakoli Ana is made by Gure Ahaleginak, a family winery nestled in a beautiful setting (formerly known as the “Ruta de las Bodegas”) surrounded by its own vineyards, which are equipped with both sprinkler and aeration anti-frost systems since Orduña , the only City of the Lordship of Bizkaia, is located at an altitude of 314 m., which influences its climate: sunny days that are not excessively hot and cool nights. Orduña is located in the depression formed by the Nervión riverbed. Deep soils make our vineyards produce harmonically acid and sugary musts. Aromatic and gustatory substances with a pleasant perception in the mouth. It produces a full-bodied and excellent quality txakoli made with grapes from the family vineyard, so the entire process is carried out

Ana is the youngest of the family and gives her name to the last wine of the season, our Uztagoiena or late harvest. This wine is made with the last grapes that are collected in the vineyard. Just as Ana was the last to arrive in the family, this wine is drunk at the end of a good meal. The label also refers to autumn, the time when this cabo grape is harvested without leaving the property.

The grapes are harvested at the beginning of November, exhausting the cycle of the vine to the maximum. In this way the grapes lose a lot of weight, the sugars are concentrated and we get an overripe fruit. The harvest is done by hand in boxes of 10 kilos. Once in the winery, the grapes are pressed and the must undergoes spontaneous fermentation in stainless steel tanks, where it remains until we find the balance between sugar, acidity and alcohol. At that time, the cold fermentation is interrupted and it is given a short passage through the barrel in search of complexity and longevity. Our Uztagoiena is not clarified or stabilized.

Ana shows aromas of sweet quince, stone fruit, honey and hints of citrus. On the palate it presents itself with volume, unctuous, delicate, with a fine fruity sweetness that is very fresh and integrated.

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