Gorka Izagirre Txakoli Pack

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Price per box/multipack of 6 bottles

1 Bottle 42 Zura (Best White Wine. Bruselas 2019)
1 Bottle G22
1 Bottle Gorka Izagirre Young
1 Bottle ILUN (Red txakoli)
1 Bottle AMA
1 Bottle ARIMA (sweet)

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Pack 6 bottles Txakoli Gorka Izagirre

A family project that was born in the vineyard and constantly evolves to achieve high quality white wines, keeping its identity and origin unchanged; Bizkaia. At Gorka Izagirre we contribute to the progress and enhancement of the wine of Bizkaia.

1 Bottle 42 Zura
42 Zura was born in the cellars of Gorka Izagirre from the desire to wrap our Hondarrabi Zerratia variety with a clean and light oak that respects the character and personality of our grape. The must ferments in a 5,000-liter French oak vat, where, after turning into wine, it is aged on its fine lees. It is bathed for 10 months on a daily basis until it reaches the desired combination of fruit, wood and lees, and then goes on to mature in the bottle for long months. A wine with its own personality, refined and full-bodied that combines perfectly with the most varied dishes that will grow in nuances and intensity over time.
Golden yellow color with greenish reflections; clean and intense aromas of ripe white fruit and citrus that are reminiscent of pink grapefruit. We also appreciate the toasted bread and pastries that denote its passage through wood. Powerful and glyceric on the palate with a ripe apple base together with notes of citrus and tropical fruits accompanied by subtle smoked notes together with toasted and butter notes, all wrapped in a fresh acidity that promises long life and a fantastic evolution. Intense and tasty.

1 Bottle G22
Gorka Izagirre G22 txakoli is the fruit of patience, tasting and observation. It took several years to create this special blend. In the G22 txakoli the best of the winery’s estates have been brought together. The aging has been carried out on its lees for several months to obtain a wine with a fantastic evolutionary capacity.
In sight, the Txakoli G22 is clean, iridescent, with an extremely elegant presence. Yellow garment with green, intense and bright reflections that highlight its freshness. On the nose, intense and persistent. A start of pear, ripe apple and pink grapefruit. Second level, greater complexity combining white flower essences with hints of lemon balm, linden, white nettle and fennel seeds. All this covered by the touches of pastry that its long aging in lees provides. In the mouth, gentle and subtle attack. The always pleasant sensation of fruit gives way to floral and balsamic essences.

1 Bottle Gorka Izagirre Young
Representative of the modern txakolis of Bizkaia, Gorka Izagirre is formed by the assembly of 50% of our native varieties Hondarrabi Zuri and Hondarrabi Zerratia, obtained from 21 hectares of vineyards that we cultivate with care, in 10 plots spread over 7 municipalities scattered throughout Bizkaia.
A differentiated elaboration of each plot, allows us to extract all its potential in order to achieve the perfect pieces that assemble a fresh, cheerful, aromatic wine but with a body and structure that surprises when taken.
At sight it has a nice straw yellow color, with green reflections and metallic iridescence. On the nose it combines a base of fresh apple with the herbaceous of ferns with hints of white flower (Tilo) and a subtle touch of citrus. Its passage through the mouth is round, glyceride, displaying a fresh sensation of fruit that leads to a finish of slightly bitter dried fruit perfectly integrated into the whole.

1 Bottle ILUN (red txakoli)
Txakoli ILUN by Gorka Izagirre is the latest creation from this winery in Larrabetzu (Bizkaia). It has been made 100% with Hondarribi Beltza, a very little known and endangered native variety. It stands out for its freshness, uniqueness and its pure Atlantic character. ILUN ‘dark’ and ‘god of the night’ in Basque takes us to a little-known part of the world of txakoli, to a place that was forgotten, and that little by little is recovering its place.
Txakoli ILUN has a light robe, has a cherry color with a beautiful violet rim. It has a high aromatic intensity, marking from the beginning the typicality of the variety and its Atlantic origin. Its herbaceous nature is covered by aromas of red fruits such as currant and raspberry and with an elegantly spicy touch. The attack is light and very friendly, with a soft and velvety mid palate. The perfectly balanced mouth is full of red fruit and herbaceous flavors with a fresh balsamic finish. A very easy to drink wine that invites you to have the next glass. Txakoli ILUN pairs perfectly with both cold cuts and white meats as well as fish.

1 AMA Bottle
Txakoli AMA is the latest creation from the Gorka Izagirre Winery. A selection of Hondarrabi Zerratia grapes with an exceptional point of maturity that was harvested on October 23, 2015, in one of the warmest vintages on record in Bizkaia. AMA, which means “mother” in Basque, takes us to the origin, the land, the warmth, the strength, the simplicity, the elegance and the exclusivity. A wine that awakens feelings and shows a new horizon in the evolution of the txakolis of Bizkaia. A mature, subtle and enveloping wine with a complexity that surprises

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