Txakoli 180º ZIABOGA

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Price per box/multipack of 6 bottles

Production area: D.O. Bizkaiko Txakolina
Type of wine: White
Aging: On its lees
Grape type: 100% Hondarrabi Zuri (courbu blanc)
Production: 8,000 bottles

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Txakoli 180º Ziaboga

The Txakoli 180º ZIABOGA is the result of a production that is as pampered as it is different down to the last detail. The first detail that sets them apart is the grape with which it is made, located just 70 meters from the Cantabrian Sea. This location allows them to have an essential element to understand Txakoli 180º Ziaboga: the marine SALITRE. During the months of September, spring tides take place, which together with the prevailing northeast breeze covers the vineyard with a light layer of salt.

Chemically, the sum of a salt and an acid can result in an “ester”, a molecule responsible for aromas and flavors in wines. Our project consists of adding this salt from the Cantabrian Sea with the characteristic acidity of Hondarrabi Zuri to obtain aromas and flavors (esters) that are as different as they are fresh and pleasant.

In the elaboration of Txakoli 180º Ziaboga continues the commitment with differentiated quality. Once the manually selected grapes have been collected in small boxes of 12 kg, without exceeding 3 hours from the cut, since the vineyard borders the winery, processing begins by destemming and squeezing the grain to send it to a closed press by its own weight by gravity, that is, in the absence of pumps and pipes that impair our quality.
In this press, a cryomaceration of hours is carried out, where that aromatic complexity and flavors are extracted at low temperatures to later send the obtained must to stainless steel tanks for fermentation. Fermentation is carried out at very low temperatures, in order to maintain and promote this complexity to later carry out aging on its own lees for 7 months. This gives it that persistence and concentration of aromas and flavors that are so special.

On the way to differentiation, the 180º ZIABOGA txakoli is dressed in an exclusive Rhin bottle that only two wineries in the world use, one Italian and us. The labeling, in the same line, simulates the shape that a ziaboga leaves in the sea (that maneuver that consists of turning a boat 180 degrees) wrapping the bottle giving it that elegance it deserves.

In short, we are talking about a Txakoli that has been classified as “Berezi” by the Bizkaiko Txakolina Regulatory Council itself, belonging to those wines that have to pass strict quality controls in order to obtain this qualification. A product like this, pampered in detail from start to finish, cannot have any other destination than the consumer who appreciates quality, and is treated as such.

The 180º Ziaboga txakoli is golden and greenish tones, brilliant. It has a thiolic character of medium intensity depending on the temperature, hints of pineapple and ripe fruit. Fresh entry on the palate, marked saline point and a very balanced acidity. Its evolution is enveloping and persistent, clearly fruity.
It does not undergo malolactic fermentation, and aging for 7 months on its own lees rounds out the complexity obtained from its particular grape and production. Its volume makes it persistent.

Additional information

Weight 8 kg
Denominación de Origen

D.O. Bizkaiako Txakolina



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