D.O. Getariako Txakolina brings together txakoli producers from the province of Gipuzkoa who make their txakolis under the parameters established by the body that manages the designation of origin.

Since ancient times, wine and therefore the vineyard, have been protected in one way or another. Already in 1397, at the General Meeting of the Brotherhood of Gipuzkoa, held in Getaria, the first Ordinances of the province were approved and, in point 18, anyone who destroys vineyards is threatened with capital punishment.

During the 16th and 17th centuries the vineyard developed and at least since 1509 a guild of vine pruners (Podavines) composed of about 400 men has operated in San Sebastián. It is in the 18th century when the moment of greatest local protectionism is reached, not so much to favor the winegrower as to protect the province from the loss of having to pay for the wine introduced in Gipuzkoa.

It is at the end of the 19th century when the great crisis of the Txakoli vineyard occurs for different reasons: gradual abolition of protectionist laws, entry of foreign wines and appearance of successive pests and diseases such as Phylloxera and Mildew.

The 20th century marked survival and thus we reached the 1980s with only 21 hectares of vineyards (INDO Cadastre 1982), of which 3 were located in Zarautz and the rest in Getaria. Small vineyards managed by a few winegrowers. All of them together begin a work of renewal of the sector, both in vineyards and wineries, in order to achieve recognition of the Designation of Origin, which was finally achieved in 1989.

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